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SuperIMPLODER: The worlds most Powerful and most Proven - magnetic water treatment for growth. Solubility / Hydration Breakthrough for Plants and People!
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The Science embedded in our technology utilizes implosion, golden mean ratio and a propriety magnetic array, uniquely arranged to create the most aligned, intense magnetic flux lines. The Super Imploder incorporates all of these features.  

SuperImploder:Better than a water softener!-Solubility effect is SUPER Healthy for plants AND people - PLUS- eliminates in pipe mineral build up!(AND no upkeep costs like softeners)

We also offer water treatment devices for both commercial and domestic use, including our Shower Nozzle and Triploder.

Recent Results & Testimonials

Grozine Magazine Announces SuperImploder Results

Grozine Magazine Announced Detailed SuperImploder Growth Trial Results June 2015- Including FIlm Documentation Dramatic Basil Growth Success- AND Brix Value Improvement Also Documents Nutritional Value Increase see complete trial report- new:

35-40 Percent Growth Benefit-Superimploder-NEW Detailed Study-Australia

Australian Spring- 2014 Oct 28- New Detailed Study- 18 Page Pictorial- Rigorous Trials- Showed 35-40 percent growth improvement with SuperImploder Picture here: Download Complete Detailed 18p. color pdf report:

FollowUp from Belgium:Outstanding Difference in Grass Growth

Sept- 7, 2014- Follow up Pictorial Report from Yves- in Belgium Outstanding Result -Dramatic Difference in Grass Growing with SuperImploder